Zurich Main Station||Zurich Main Station (2024)

Welcome, Zürich, Switzerland.

A cosmos of its own and a highly frequented hub in Zurich. There is something going on here 365 days a year. The stores and restaurants are open every day.

Zurich Main Station||Zurich Main Station (1)

Zurich Main Station connects Zurich with national and international destinations. And thanks to excellent night train connections, travelers from Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, or Amsterdam, for example, can get to Zurich in no time at all.
Located in the heart of the city, the Main Station offers numerous shopping opportunities, dining options, countless services, and cultural events 365 days a year.

ShopVille Shopping is possible every day of the year at Zurich Main Station. Its ShopVille shopping mall offers a wide range of stores, restaurants, and other services spread over three floors. More


Whether fashion boutiques, stores selling personal care products, or one of the largest indoor Christmas markets in Europe: the range at the Main Station is huge. You can find a small selection, as well as a list of all the stores, here

Sprüngli, Main Station Shopping The tradition-steeped confectioner’s, Sprüngli, has five stores at Zurich Main Station. Naturally you can buy the famous Luxemburgerli mini-macaroons here. More
Soeder Shopping The Zurich label, Soeder, produces Swiss natural care products. Soeder unites top quality, elegant design, and clear-cut functionality. More
Christkindlmarkt at the Main Station Shopping One of the largest indoor Christmas markets in Europe is held every year at Zurich Main Station. More


Whether high above the heads of commuters in the Time Lounge, in the picturesque courtyard of Sora Sushi, or in the Café Oscar with its coffee specialties, there are plenty of culinary delights to discover at Zurich Main Station.

Zurich Main Station in Figures

  • Opened in 1847
  • Around 3,000 train services per day, spread over 26 tracks
  • Switzerland's busiest train station
  • Can be reached by train in 15 minutes from Zurich Airport
  • Best train station in Europe (European Railway Index 2023)
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The locals refer to it as “HB” (Hauptbahnhof)

Important Services

A variety of useful services are available to travelers here, including lockers, currency exchange counters, restrooms, a station chapel, ticket counters, and a baggage drop-off point.

Tourist Information The Tourist Information staff know Zurich like the back of their hand. They give insider tips, provide information about city tours, and offer advice to help guests make the most of their stay in Zurich. The Tourist Information is located in the large main concourse and is the starting point for the city tours. More

Public Art

There are a number of public works of art to admire in and around Zurich Main Station. From a gold-plated ball embedded in the floor to the giant Nana by Niki de Saint Phalle, to light and sound installations.

Memorial to Hans Künzi by Carsten Höller Discover Europaplatz is home to a memorial that honors the “Father of the S-Bahn” in an abstract manner. More
Alfred Escher Statue Discover The Swiss politician and entrepreneur Alfred Escher watches over Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse. More
“L’ange protecteur” by Niki de Saint Phalle Discover The gigantic “Nana” watches over travelers as they pass through the concourse at Zurich Main Station. More
“La Boule d’or centenaire” by Dieter Meier Culture The century ball by Yello frontman, Dieter Meier, is deposited in the ground at Zurich Main Station. More
The Philosopher’s Egg Discover The Philosopher’s Egg by Mario Merz decorates the station concourse at Zurich's Main Railway Station. More

In the Vicinity

Europaallee Shopping Europaallee attracts visitors with a vibrant mix of shopping, restaurants and bars. More
Arriving by Bus Getting There Getting to Zurich by bus is easy and convenient. The bus station lies at the heart of town. More
Bahnhofstrasse Zurich Shopping You can find everything that your heart desires in Bahnhofstrasse: fashion, art and Zurich specialties More
National Museum Zurich Culture Both inside and out, the National Museum behind the Main Station is an impressive architectural gem. More
Zurich Main Station||Zurich Main Station (2024)


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