Apply for Financial Aid (2024)

UNMC offers a variety of scholarship and grant opportunities to help health professions students pay for school and facilitates the process of receiving federal aid for your education. Please reach out to our office at if you have questions any time during this process, or visit GetAnswers to find video resources on the financial aid application process 24/7.

FERPA Policy

The Office of Financial Aid will not discuss/disclose any of your financial aid record with parents/spouses/significant others without you being directly involved in the conversation. As health professional students, it is the expectation of the Office of Financial Aid that you accept the professional responsibility of managing your own financial aid process.

We respectfully request you share this expectation with your parents/spouse/significant other to ensure they are informed of our ‘student only’ policy for financial aid information. Many of the questions you might have regarding the Financial Aid process can be found throughout the Financial Aid website. If your parent/spouse/significant other have questions that are not specific to any one student, we will be happy to answer those questions in the context of general financial aid information. Students can choose the level of access to Personal Information, Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Student Records that works best for their situation.

Parent/Guest Access

We will assist parents who choose to borrow PARENT PLUS loan funds for their UNMC undergraduate student.

Information for Undergraduate Students and Graduate/Professional Students

The programs listed below are undergraduate bachelor’s degree programs, regardless of having previously received a bachelor’s degree:

  • College of Nursing: Bachelor of Nursing
  • College of Allied Health: Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science; Bachelor of Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Science Programs
  • College of Dentistry: Bachelor of Dental Hygiene

For the 2023-24 FAFSA, undergraduate students must answer Question 29 with 3 or 4; Question 30 with 1 or 2 (pursing a 1stor 2ndBachelor’s degree), and Question 47 as No. All other degree programs are graduate/professional programs and parental information is not required.

For the 2024-25 FAFSA, undergraduate students must select either "Second year undergraduate" or "Other undergraduate" for Question 4. All other degree programs must select "Master’s" or "doctorate program" for Question 4. Graduate/professional students cannot provide parental information on the 2024-25 FAFSA.

FAFSA Information and Deadlines

Undergraduate Students: 2023-2024 Academic Year

The 2023-24 FAFSA must be completed to be considered for federal aid for the fall 2023, spring 2024 and summer 2024 semesters. The 2023-24 FAFSA requires student and parent (dependent students) 2021 income information.

Application Deadline: June 1, 2023 to be considered for campus-based grant aid and theNebraska Promise.

The 2023-24 FAFSA must be completed to be considered for federal aid for the fall 2023, spring 2024 and summer 2024 semesters using 2021 income information. All graduate and professional students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA by June 1, 2023 to ensure ample processing time prior to fall disbursem*nts.

Pharmacy and Dental students requesting consideration for the HPSL should submit their FAFSA with parental information by April 1, 2023.

Undergraduate Students: 2024-2025 Academic Year

The 2024-25 FAFSA must be completed to be considered for federal aid for fall 2024, spring 2025 and summer 2025 semesters. The 2024-25 FAFSA requires student and parent (dependent students) 2022 income information. Application Deadline: June 1, 2024 to be considered for campus-based grant aid and the Nebraska Promise.

Graduate/Professional Students: 2024-2025 Academic Year

The 2024-25 FAFSA must be completed to be considered for federal aid for the fall 2024, spring 2025 and summer 2025 semesters using 2022 income information. All graduate and professional students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA by June 1, 2024 to ensure ample processing time prior to fall disbursem*nts. Students admitted starting in spring 2025 should complete the FAFSA by December 1, 2024.

Pharmacy and Dental students requesting consideration for the Health Professions Student Loan Programwill be required to submit a 2024-25 CSS Profile to provide parental information by April 15, 2024. UNMC’s CSS Profile school code is 6896.

Checklist for Applying for Financial Aid

Below are step-by-step instructions on applying for aid at UNMC. Please read each section carefully.

File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

If you are filing the FAFSA for the first time, you must create account. If you are an undergraduate, dependent student, your parents will also be required to create an account to complete the parent sections of the FAFSA. accountallows you to electronically sign your FAFSA. Students and parents (of dependent undergraduate students) will be required to apply for their own account.

Please use the UNMC School Code 006895 to ensure your FAFSA information is sent to UNMC. Find detailed information about filing your FAFSA here.

To complete the UNMC Scholarship Application, you must have a UNMC ID and Password. Once you have received your login information, we encourage you to submit your UNMC Scholarship Application through MyRecords. After logging in, click on "View My Financial Aid." In the links menu, click on "Apply for Scholarships" and follow the instructions provided. The Scholarship Application deadline is May 1 or 30 days after you are accepted by your academic program.

Learn more about scholarships here.

Monitor Your To Do List

Your To Do List on MyRecords provides you with a list of tasks that must be completed. Items are posted by multiple units across campus, including academic programs, Academic Records, Student Health, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid. Follow the provided instructions for each item and complete the task by the due date. Once a task is completed, allow 72 hours for items to clear from your list. If a Financial Aid item is not cleared from your To Do List within 72 hours, please contact our office.

Receive Your Aid Offer

Our primary method of communication is through your UNMC email address. Your award notification email will provide general aid information and direct you to review your award package on MyRecords. Aid is offered on an academic year basis depending on which semester. Some offered awards are contingent upon full-time enrollment (12 credits per term for undergraduates). If your enrollment changes, we will adjust your awards through the first week of classes.

Act On Your Aid Package

Access MyRecords to accept your financial aid award. You may decline any loans you do not plan on borrowing. If you would like to make changes to your loan amounts after accepting them in MyRecords, you must request the changes by emailing our office.

After you have accepted loan offers, you may need to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN), Loan Entrance Counseling, and Truth-in-Lending Statements. These requirements may direct you to several loan based websites to complete the tasks. Once a task is completed, allow 72 hours for items to clear from your list.

View the Award Processing Tutorial here.

Enroll in Direct Deposit

UNMC encourages students to sign up for direct deposit. This allows UNMC to request the state treasurer’s office to disburse directly to the bank account of your choice. This process usually takes 5-7 business days.

To sign up for direct deposit, log intoMyRecordsand click on the Student Accounts tab. In the bottom right corner is the link “Enroll in Direct Deposit,” where you may add or verify Bank Info. Direct deposit avoids the risk of lost or delayed mailed refund checks and gets your refund to you more quickly.

Refunds will be held for 7 days for students who are not already enrolled in direct deposit to allow them time to enroll. After the 7-day window, the refund will be requested in the form of a check.

Visit the Student Accounts office if you have questions regarding your direct deposit enrollment.

Receive Your Funds

To receive financial aid, you must be registered for classes, have accepted your awards for the academic year at least two weeks before the start of the semester, and have submitted all To Do List requirements. Please allow at least two weeks from acceptance for loans to be processed and To Do List items to be updated.

Financial aid disbursem*nt will begin no sooner than seven days before the start of each semester. The disbursed amount will be determined by the amount accepted, type of aid, and the number of credits you are enrolled for the semester. Some types of aid, such as the Pell Grant, will be adjusted based on your enrollment.

Make Payments

Your financial aid will be applied to your UNMC charges first. If financial aid is canceled or does not cover all tuition and fees, you will be responsible for the remaining charges.

Billing information will be sent to your UNMC email account. You may view your account balance, sign up for a payment plan, and make payments in MyRecords.If your aid exceeds your university charges, you will receive a financial aid refund either by direct deposit or by check. See Student Accounts for more information.

Maintain Your Financial Aid Eligibility

As a financial aid recipient, you are required to continue eligibility by maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), filing the FAFSA each year, completing all requested financial aid items on your To Do List on MyRecords and maintaining all other eligibility criteria.

If you fail to meet one or more of the SAP standards, you will be ineligible to receive financial aid and will be notified by email.

Office of Financial Aid Forms

Student Forms

Special Circ*mstances Request The UNMC Office of Financial Aid will update FAFSA information based on changes in a family's financial situation. These are processed on a case by case basis and the final decision is made by the Office of Financial Aid.
Unusual Circ*mstances Request Students can submit a request for an increase in the Cost of Attendance allowing for additional aid to be offered to help cover unexpected or required costs not already included.
Apply for Financial Aid (2024)


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