Why Chloe Ferry can’t let go of on-off boyfriend Johnny despite cheating (2024)

THE course of true love never did run smooth and in the world of Chloe Ferry, the road to romance has been one bumpy ride.

Since 2021, the Geordie Shore star has been involved in a tempestuous relationship with on/off boyfriend Johnny Wilbo.

But despite their furious rows and his infidelity, Chloe can’t seem to walk away.



The 28-year-old appears to be devoted to Johnny, a professional fighter, even though his behaviour has proved unreliable.

Now that they're entering the stage where friends are starting to settle down, Chloe seems determined that Johnny is the “one.”

A source told The Sun: “Chloe has been through a lot in her life. She might come across as a really tough cookie but underneath it all, she’s really sensitive.

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"She was catapulted to fame at a really young age and it’s been hard knowing who she can trust.

"Chloe loves the idea of being in love and having her happily ever after. When she met Johnny people around her had started to settle down.”

The pair got together in October 2021 but broke up the following year when Chloe caught Johnny messaging other women.

But as the source explains, the reality star can’t seem to shake their magnetic bond.

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The source said: "She fell head over heels and is incredibly generous, so he quickly became a huge part of her life.

When she found out he had been cheating, she was obviously heartbroken, but part of her is insecure and she struggled for a long time with it all.

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She feels like she has given so much to him that it will work out.”

It seems that Chloe is addicted to their heady cycle of making up and breaking up, as the source added:

“They have huge arguments but the make-up is always sweet. Despite everything she feels like he does really love her and he has supported her in lots of ways.
She really values the relationship, which is why she keeps it so private.”


The couple first parted company back in September 2022, after Jonny’s infidelity was uncovered. Then the followed month they were seen partying together, having secretly reunited.

They were then thought to have split again, before they were spotted enjoying a romantic holiday in Thailand together last December.

In February they broke up for a fourth time after a disagreement over finances.

Johnny was allegedly living rent-free in Chloe’s £1 million Newcastle mansion, refusing to contribute to bills and payments.

Chloe has made a decent living working the showbiz circuit for almost a decade and was able to splash out on her luxurious five bedroom mansion in 2021. But the reality star recently confessed to investing in tough security measures, including installing spikes on her entrance gates, to keep intruders at bay.

She said recently "Someone tries to rob my house all the time.

"Last month has been the longest month when no one has tried to rob it. I've got gates on my property, because it's been that bad, because they're climbing over my gates, we've put spikes on the gates but since I've put spikes on they haven't been back."

Now that she's established with a cast iron property and career, Chloe is keen to fulfil her desire for a family and has decided that has decided that Johnny is her life partner.

She said: "If I’m still with him...because we’re up and down, if we are still together after summer, I’m having one last wild summer and then we’re going to start trying for babies."

When asked if she can ever truly depend on him, Chloe said: “There were a lot of reasons, I'm not me making excuses for him, but there were a lot of things that people didn’t know.

"I do trust him now, obviously we do argue about it, I’m not just going to forget about it.

"It’s always there in the back of my mind and that’s why we mainly argue a lot, because I always struggled with trusting someone because of the past I’ve had with my boyfriends from before.

"But we are trying to learn to trust each other but things are going good to be honest.”


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Chloe burst into the public eye when she joined the cast of the hit MTV show, Geordie Shore in 2015.

The Newcastle-born star has enjoyed a number of relationships over the year, Johnny Bilbo seems to be the only man to steal her heart.

Chloe Ferry's relationship timeline

Why Chloe Ferry can’t let go of on-off boyfriend Johnny despite cheating (11)

October 2021- Chloe started dating professional fighter Johnny

September 2022- The pair broke up after Chloe caught him messaging other women

October 2022- Chloe and Johnny were spotted partying together after secretly reuniting

March 2023- Another break up ensued after Chloe became fed up of Johnny not contributing towards bill payments despite living in Chloe's mansion

December 2023- Photos emerged of the couple enjoying a romantic holiday in Thailand

March 2024, the pair break up again, citing furious rows about their future

June 2024- Chloe admits that she now trusts Johnny and is keen to start a family



Why Chloe Ferry can’t let go of on-off boyfriend Johnny despite  cheating (2024)


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